Old Friends

Old Friends

March 22, 2020

Hello, Remember me? Im your Bible. Some folks call me "The Word", others call me "The Good Book", "The Sword", or just... "The Bible". But whatever they call me, I am your Bible. The Word of Almighty God. Something has been bothering me lately. I was wondering if I might talk it over with you.  Its about you and me.

I remember sometime ago, when you came to me with problems and situations in your life.  We sat together and I opened up to your.  My words were like a gentle breeze to you and you placed them in your heart.  Remember?

I remember you taking me to church where they taught you the importance of our relationship and how to live a Godly life.  Remember  your brothers and sisters?  Not to be outdone, they were doing the same as you, praying, singing, and worshipping.  I was proud, very proud to go to church with you.  Oh, yes - there are other people there, and they paid me respect...reverence.

Now, if I sound a bit conceited...well, I have a right to.  I represent the finest people in the world.  More than one aggressive people have tried to haul me down, only to feel the fury of this freedom loving people.  A lot more blood has been shed since long ago, and Ive fought more battles also.  But Im still the same old Bible.

A lot of time has passed now...and you seem to have a new look.  The last time that we sat together and talked, I noticed that some of your old landmarks had given way to a number of new ideas and feelings.  Yes, you sure have changed.  I guess I have too, because I dont feel as proud of you as I did back then.

People today dont seem to know or care who I am.  They are so busy with their life, running and shouting through the streets, buying and selling, interested in everything but their Bible.  Not too long ago, I saw a man reading his Bible; he looked around, and didnt see anybody else reading theirs, so he quickly put his down.

Now when you come home, you just do your own thing.  Occasionally, you give me a small glance, and then look away.  When I think of the placed we have been, the battles weve been through, the victories weve won; I wonder - whats happened? Im still the same old Bible.

How can I be expected to be first in your life, when there is no thought, love, or respect for me? Whatever happened to the Bible?  Your Bible?  Have you forgotten what I stand for? Have you forgotten all the battlefields where men fought and died to keep this people free?  Take a look at the Memorial Honor Roll sometime. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or Noah, Moses, David or how about Jesus, he is the central theme of your Bible.  I have their history for you to read.

Well, it wont be long till we meet again.  So, when you see me, stand strong, and apply my word to your heart.  Do this because I represent you to Jesus.