Plan A Visit

Gathering times and Location

4406 E 14th st Cheyenne, Wy

Sunday - 12 noon 
Tuesday 7:30 pm 
Wednesday prayer 7:00 pm

What to expect

approximately 30 minutes prior to each service beginning, you can expect to see folks gathering in the sanctuary and preparing for the service through a time of prayer.  Our services usually are started by our worship teams and full band. We welcome anyone to become a part of worship by lifting hands, clapping, and singing along with the lyrics which are projected for everyone to be able to follow along with. Our praise and worship is always heart-felt and considered a very important part of our service.  Giving, prayer for the sick and announcements are all part of the service, along with an opportunity to meet one another or say to say hello to those you may already know. Finally, a Bible based message is given to help encourage us in our spiritual journey, and the service is closed with a time of prayer in which pray the word we have heard is imparted into our lives.